March 07 2020 0Comment

Top 3 Wood Flooring Coloring Trends

When it’s time to upgrade your wood flooring it’s nice to take a look at what the most popular colors are so you can get an idea of which color best fits your home. We put together a list of the top wood flooring color trends so you know what other home owners are purchasing.

Dark Stained Wood Floors

These dark colors give your home an “expensive” feel. Colors like espresso, Jacobean or walnut. A downside to this color is that they can make your home look smaller than it actually is. Another key point is that dark flooring tends to show every scratch and imperfection, just as a black car typically looks dirtier than a white car.

Blonde Wood Floors

Blonde hardwood floors are considered to be a “clean approach”. They typically look cleaner and also make your home look larger. For a while blonde hardwood floors were considered out dated, but not anymore. This color is back in trend and here to stay.

Whitewashed Wood Floors

Whitewashed wood floors use to be a trend only in California, but this trend is now reaching the entire country. As the relaxed, California vibe is spreading across the U.S. so is the trend of whitewashed wood flooring. The main benefits of whitewashed flooring is that it will make your home seem brighter, more relaxed and larger.