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Carpet Color Trends 2020

In attempt to explore closely the develop in carpet and flooring trends for 2020 their designs and colors aims, the variety of hand-made carpets, machine-made carpets and rugs, textile floor coverings or laminate flooring.

A floor can only reveal patterns and textures at second glance. The only thing that is important is that it has an effect, triggers a feeling and underlines the character of the room. Thanks to several experiments carried out in a corresponding kitchen and the testing of innumerable color and painting support combinations.

The designers unite around the assumption that in this stage of development of the technologies there are no impossible aims. For each client there is a solution, each small or big problem can be resolved. The advance in recycling technologies makes possible the reuse of the huge amount of plastic and old textures – like the plastic used in fishing nets.

Color preference.

Grey- still stand as the go-to neutral choice for modern looks. Warmer grey hues like taupe are also emerging as popular choices.

Brown- tones can convey an earthy message when paired with paler neutrals and natural décor. Popular choices include saturated, medium, and chocolate browns.

Blue – shades reign as the top non-neutral color family. Indigo and navy shades can anchor a setting and make excellent flooring choices.